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Hello St. John’s Family,


On February 25, 2022, the CDC released updated Covid-19 guidelines. These guidelines are designed to promote decisions on Covid-19 mitigation measures that reflect the impact of vaccinations, stress on local healthcare systems, and level of Covid in the local community. A three-tiered approach assessing Covid-19 Community Levels (Low, Medium, and High) was introduced.

Throughout the pandemic, the leadership of St. John’s followed CDC guidelines as we’ve sought to keep our church family and our neighbors safe. Bucks County is currently in the CDC’s Medium Community transmission level. After prayer and discussion, St. John’s Leadership has determined we will continue to align our mitigation measures with CDC recommendations. Below is a summary of our approach and recommendations to congregants and guests:

1. Stay up to date with vaccines.

2. Get tested if you have symptoms.

3. Talk to your healthcare provider if you are at high risk for severe illness about whether a mask and other precautions such as distancing are needed.

4. Wear a mask if desired.

5. Wear a mask at parents’ discretion if

6. Watch services online if you have symptoms, a positive test or have been exposed to someone with Covid.

Reflecting the current reality, we are no longer recommending that unvaccinated individuals wear masks or test prior to attending St. John’s. We do ask anyone who suspects they may have been recently exposed to someone with Covid to test themselves before attending church activities. We will not be checking vaccination or test status.

For those who are advised by their healthcare provider to distance or who want to continue to distance for other reasons, we will again rope off a section in the sanctuary.

Information regarding Covid home tests are available at https://www.covidtests.gov

Thank you for your commitment and sacrifices throughout the challenges of the Covid pandemic, and please continue to remain mindful of the safety of our vulnerable members. Know that all your efforts and sacrifices have been offerings of love, beautifully reflecting your commitment to the Lord you serve.


Grace and Peace,

Pastor Brad and the St. John’s Leadership Board


Those interested in seeing real time data can do so here:  County Info


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