Children's Ministry

Please contact Susan Seamans, Director of Children's Ministries for more information.


We're excited to announce three great Sunday School programs for the children and youth of St. John's!
On May 16, 23, 30, and June 6 the children in Grades Pre-K – 6 will meet outside (weather permitting) and will participate in a Bible lesson, activities, and games. If it rains, we will meet on Zoom. Please join Mrs. Seamans, Mrs. Scarlett, Mr. Kenney, Mrs. McCrea, Mrs. Hansel, and Mrs. Semonsky in May and June for outdoor worship and fun. Please bring a mask, a water bottle, and a blanket or chair.

All Sunday School classes will continue on Zoom this Sunday. Note that Pre-K through grade 6 will have a video component and will also include follow-up materials that guide parents in talking about the concepts throughout the week. Hope to see you on Zoom!

Young Children (Pre-K - Grade 2)
What's In The Bible? 
Sundays @ 11am
Join Buck Denver and a group of hilarious friends as they journey through the Bible and discover what it means for us. Amy Scarlett will lead us as we discover What's In the Bible! Lesson length: 20-25 minutes
Older Elementary Children (Grades 3 - 6)
Orange 252 Kids Sundays @ 11am
Growing in faith is not something that happens by merely cramming more information about the Bible into a child’s brain. That knowledge means nothing if we don’t help our kids experience what that knowledge can do in their hearts. This month, we will talk about how to experience faith, how to practice faith, and how important it is to stay committed to our faith.
Lesson length: 25-35 minutes
Youth Study - Orange High School XP3
Sundays @ 11:30 am
Church Parking Lot (weather permitting)
Masks required
Bring your own chair and pen and paper!
People talk about “loving God” all the time, but how do you connect to someone who you can’t see and never seems to audibly respond? Join us as we try to answer this question and explore the faith habits that make it possible to connect with an invisible God.  ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Sunday School Fun!


Each year we do many mission projects with the children.
We had a great day of mission projects at R.I.S.E. SUNDAY