Sunday School

Sunday School

All Sunday School classes will continue on Zoom this Sunday. Note that Pre-K through grade 5 will have a video component and will also include follow-up materials that guide parents in talking about the concepts throughout the week. Hope to see you on Zoom!

Young Children (Pre-K to Grade 2)
What's In the Bible?
Sundays at 11 am on Zoom

Join Buck Denver and a group of hilarious friends as they journey through the Bible and discover what it means for us. Amy Scarlett will lead us for the opening weeks as we discover What's In the Bible!

Lesson length: 20-25 minutes.

Older Elementary Children (Grades 3-5)
Orange 252 Kids
Sundays @ 11am on Zoom

Life is filled with moments where we can decide to reflect God's character, take responsibility, and use what we have wisely. This month's series, Rules for Life, is about following through and doing what needs to be done, so that we can point others to Jesus, the One who took the ultimate responsibility for us and made it possible for us to be with God forever.

Lesson length: 25-35 minutes

Youth Study - Orange High School XP 3:
Sundays @ 11:30 am on Zoom

Emotions are everywhere especially after the year 2020! The problem isn't feeling all the feels - the problem is when these emotions start ruling our world. In this four week series we will help our youth identify ways their emotions can be good and bad and use scripture to help them identify ways to deal with their emotions while reminding them that trusting Jesus to lead them is healthier than being controlled by their emotions.

For more information click on the Children's Ministry link or contact Susan Seamans, Director of Children's Ministry - childrensministry,