Angel Tree

Angel Tree
The year 2020 has been, to say the least, a very challenging year!
As we head into the Holiday Season many of us will be celebrating without our extended family and friends. We also know that financially many people are hurting and may be wondering how they will be able to afford gifts for their loved ones. We can help.
St. John's Angel Tree will continue this year but in a slightly different manner. We are going virtual. There will be an on-line list of families and their gift requests and you will be able to select a name and purchase a gift that will help to brighten their Holiday and let them know we care.
To continue with our effort of social distancing you will be able to drop off your gifts to the Narthex between 8:30 and 11:30 on Sunday November 29th, Sunday December 6th and Sunday December 13th. There will also be a box outside of the church doors as well.
The sign up sheet and instructions can be found here below:
If more information is needed on a gift or recipient, please contact Kathy Keppol at 215-357-7404. She will be happy to answer any questions or supply more information.
Thank you and have a safe and Blessed Holiday Season.
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