Small Groups

St. John’s offers a variety of adult classes and small groups.

  • Sunday Morning Class: The 9:00 AM Class meets weekly.
  • Short-term topical and Bible studies: Day and evening studies are offered throughout the year. Current offerings can be found below or in our Weekly Cornerstone Newsletter.
  • Book Discussion Groups: Several times throughout the year, this group meets to discuss both fiction and non-fiction literature. All books have Christian elements or faith themes.

If anyone is interested in facilitating a Small Group Study, please contact Sue Czarnecki at 267-614-3603.



St. John's Book Club 
Meets monthly
10:00 AM and 7:00 PM
St. John's Book Club offers two meeting times to accommodate everyone's busy schedules. Everyone is welcome!
Adult Sunday School
Begins September 8
At 9 AM in the Parlor
What does Scripture tell us about the world to come? What signals will precede the end times? Dr. Jeremiah presents his hope-filled work on biblical prophecy. This epic guide is a resource for navigating today’s uncertainties and embracing God’s promises for the future.

The Gospel of Matthew
William Barclay
Begins Wednesday September 11 at 7 PM
Meets weekly in Grace Café

Take a deep dive into Matthew’s Gospel to better understand what he wants you to know. Originally written to first century Jews, it is still relevant for us today! Barclay makes it easy to understand.

This course has a two-volume book that will be ordered for you if you prepay $32.00 by 8/30. Please place your check in white envelope and put it in Pastor Sue’s mailbox.

How Happiness Happens
Max Lucado
Begins Wednesday, September 25 at 10 AM & 7 PM
Meets for 6 weeks in the Parlor

In a world searching for happiness, Lucado provides a personal plan for a life filled with lasting and fulfilling joy, supported by Jesus' teaching and modern research. Do you feel happy? How long has it been since you felt a level of contagious, infectious, unflappable, unstoppable happiness? Only one-third of Americans surveyed said they were happy. How can this be? We've made advancements in everything from medicine to technology, yet 66 percent of us can't find an adequate reason to check the "yes" box on the happiness questionnaire. Marketers get this. "Want to be happy?" they ask. Drive this car, wear this dress. Happiness happens when you lose the weight, get the date, find the mate, or discover your fate. It's wide, this way to happiness. Yet, for all its promise, it delivers a fragile joy; here one day, tomorrow scattered by the winds of comparison, disappointment, or unmet expectations. Max writes, "There is another option." In this book he shares the unexpected path to a lasting happiness, one that produces reliable joy in any season of life. Based on the teachings of Jesus and backed by modern research, He presents a surprising but practical way of living.

The book will be ordered for you if you prepay $9.00 by September 1. Please place check in envelope and place in Pastor Sue’s mailbox outside the church office.

Begins Monday, September 30 at 6:45 PM
Meets weekly in the Parlor
You were not meant to live in disillusionment and defeat. God has given you tools to live a life defined not by your trials but by your victories. This 6-week study will show you how. There is a book that will help you while viewing the video and during the discussion. The book will be ordered for you if you prepay $8.50 by 9/15. Please put check in Pastor Sue’s mailbox. Leaders: Carol Campbell & Barbara Schneider

In order to better keep track of payments and only order the number of books needed, payments are being centralized to one person. Please write your name and class in upper left corner of the envelope. Then drop it in Pastor Sue's mailbox next to office. If you have not paid for the book before the cut off date, you will need to order the book on your own. We use,, or depending on who has the best price. If you are in need of partial or full scholarship to help pay for the book, please contact Pastor Sue through the office.