Children's Ministry

Please contact Susan Seamans, Director of Children's Ministries for more information.


We're excited to announce three great Sunday School programs for the children and youth of St. John's!
Each lesson is hosted on Zoom or In-Person, has a video component, and also includes follow-up materials that guide parents in talking about the concepts throughout the week. Those planning to participate are asked to email with your name, your child's name and grade, and your email address. If you have questions on any of the programs, please contact Susan Seamans, Director of Children's Ministry
Young Children (Pre-K to Grade 2): What's In the Bible? Sundays @ 11am, join Buck Denver and a group of hilarious friends as they journey through the Bible and discover what it means for us. Amy Scarlett will lead us for the opening weeks as we discover What's In the Bible!  Lesson length: 20-25 minutes.
Older Elementary Children (Grades 3-5) - Orange 252 Kids: Sundays @ 11am,
Our older elementary children will explore fun and engaging lessons from The Orange Group. This month Lance Kenney will talk about gratitude and inspire the children to share their gratitude by letting others know that they are thankful. 
Lesson length: 25-35 minutes

Youth Study - Youth Study - Like Me Sundays @ 11:30 a.m. - 1 p.m. - St. John's Parking Lot
So often we compare ourselves to others. We are focused on the friends we have, the clothes we wear, the number of "Likes" we get on our social media pages-it all feels like one long list of what others have and what we don't! In our next series, Like Me, we'll help our youth discover that comparison not only keeps them from liking others, it holds them back from being able to like themselves! And the further they move away from comparison toward contentment, the more they'll be able to love who they are just as they are. They will talk about comparisons and how those comparisons not only keep them from liking others, they hold them back from being able to like themselves!


Sunday School Fun!


Each year we do many mission projects with the children.
We had a great day of mission projects at R.I.S.E. SUNDAY