Weekly Reflection

Pastor's Reflection 9/22/16

Published: Sep 27, 2016 | Last modified: Sep 27, 2016
Every once in a while - not very often at all - a thought or an idea comes to you, and/or something you see or hear hits you with such clarity that you know beyond any doubt that God caused that "something" to cross your path. And that's exactly what happened to me one day last winter. ...

Pastor's Reflection 9-1-16

Published: Sep 6, 2016 | Last modified: Sep 16, 2016
The Labor Day holiday means two things to me. First of all, it means the "unofficial" end of summer which I am always very sad about - I'm one of those people who love summer, heat and all. But secondly, it means a celebration of our work in the world which is something I'm always very pl...

Pastor's Reflection 9/15/16

Published: Sep 15, 2016 | Last modified: Sep 16, 2016
It's interesting the way our minds play games with us, and sometimes we don't even know it. Almost every time I see the doctor, I initially get told that my blood pressure is "borderline" and then, later in the visit, they recheck it and it has come down to a more acceptable range. This...
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