Pastor's Reflection

Finally! April has arrived! Of course, along with the arrival of April, we also get April Fools Day. This year, I decided to look up the origin on April Fool's Day (turns out it was a pretty foolish thing to do).

Apparently, April Fool's Day is "celebrated" in most nations around the world. Whoever would have thought??! In Italy, France & Belgium, the day is called "April Fish Day," which is celebrated by attaching a paper fish to someone's back without them noticing. In Scotland, it's called "Huntigowk Day," and you are supposed to deliver someone a sealed message containing these instructions: "Dinna laugh. Dinna smile. Hunt the gowk another mile." And the recipient is then supposed to deliver the message to someone else.

Stranger yet, there is some speculation that the tradition of April Fool's Day goes back to the Genesis flood narrative when Noah sent a dove out of the ark before the water had abated on April 1st. (yes, I actually read that in Wikipedia!).

So on April 1st, in order to prevent being made a fool of (if that's even possible), it makes sense to check out every strange and unusual claim on the internet. I definitely saw a few of them this week. Like the claim that bell peppers are either male or female, and you should only cook with the male peppers. And the claim that McDonald's has a new milkshake-flavored sauce to dip your French fries in.

But even when it's NOT April Fool's Day, it's often difficult to tell truth from untruth, isn't it? It's a good thing there is one source we know we can always count on for truth, and that, of course, is God's Word. So as we continue through the month of April and the season of Lent, let's be sure to commit ourselves to the discipline of feasting on God's Word of truth every day.

Pastor Janice

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