Pastor's Reflection - 3/7/19

It's the same thing every year. March arrives and my first thought is "FINALLY! WINTER IS JUST ABOUT OVER!" You would think I'd have learned my lesson long ago. We're almost a week into the month now, and so far we've had several snow storms, the temperature is hovering in the 20's or 30's, there is yet another "snow" symbol for Friday lurking on the weather app on my phone, and my winter coat, boots and gloves are still sitting in the hallway ready to be put to good use. All of that adds up to a major disappointment for someone like me who literally lives for warm weather!
Of course, disappointment about the late arrival of Spring ranks fairly low on the list of disappointments we have to face in life. It seems like it's always something. You didn't get the job you wanted. Somebody you love let you down. You put a bid in on your dream home and you didn't get it. The cancer you thought you had beat reared its ugly head again. Your loved one, despite all your worry and all your prayers, passed from this life to the next. Whatever the scenario was, you had prayed about it, you had sought God's intervention, and it didn't turn out the way you expected. It was a painful disappointment - a hard pill to swallow.
All of us will face disappointment again and again. How do you handle that as a Christian?
Well, let's remember that it's okay to have a period where you feel sad about the situation. And it might take time. But pray about it and be honest with God about how you feel. Then release your disappointment to God - don't let it cast a shadow over your life.
We also need to learn what to do when we start to feel hopeless - we need to learn to place our hope solely in God - not in the things of this world because they will always disappoint us.
And finally, it always helps to get our minds off of our own problems, and reach beyond ourselves to help someone else. When one dream dies, pick up another one, and keep moving forward.
Let's remember that it isn't God who disappoints us - it's the people and the things of this world that disappoint us. And when something bad happens in life, it's not a time to blame God, it's a time to run to God!
Looking forward to worshiping with you on Sunday!
Pastor Janice
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