Pastor's Reflection - 2/7/19

Talk about an unpleasant reminder of the world we live in! This week, Lou Lescas (our Administrator) and I attended a half day seminar entitled "Bucks County Safety and Security Symposium for Faith-Based Organizations." We were told at the start of the symposium that 95 different churches, synagogues & mosques from all over the county were present. Apparently, the subject matter is a hot topic among leaders of faith communities - as well as among congregants. And rightly so - although it's a sad reality.

There were top-notch speakers doing the presentations - officials from the Department of Homeland Security, the National Counter Terrorism Center, the FBI, Bucks County Mental Health, and the Bucks County Emergency Management Agency. I took lots of notes and I was happy to get this kind of information from the professionals. But honestly … I never thought I'd see the day when we'd have to be seriously thinking about these things.

Of course, safety and security has been on the minds of the Trustees and the Leadership Board for quite a while. You've probably noticed the keypad at the front doors - this helped us to eliminate the need for dozens of keys - over the course of time, we realized there were literally hundreds of missing keys to the building. Our office staff now has the ability to screen people attempting to gain access to the church via intercom and live video.

No doubt there is still additional work to do, and I'm sure our Leadership Board will be reviewing and discussing some of the information and recommendations we were given at the symposium. Your prayers, as always, are very much appreciated!

Pastor Janice

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