Pastor's Reflection - 11/15/18

Election day is a crazy day at church, so last week I decided I would stay home and do one of my least favorite jobs - clean out closets & drawers. I usually try to reserve a day every year or two to purge myself of all the various and sundry items I've somehow accumulated but haven't even looked at in years.

There were actually a few cabinets in the parsonage office where I must have stashed lots of items of no particular interest when I first moved in 10 years ago and then never even opened the cabinet doors since then. You know the kinds of items I'm talking about - old vases and baskets, rolls of old wrapping paper, an ancient fondue pot (???), half-burnt jar candles, and a few old broken picture frames. The sad thing is that these are all things I should have purged myself of before I moved - and I suspect that some of them were items I brought with me when I moved to the associate parsonage in 2001. Yikes.

Now, I don't want to call myself a "hoarder," but I apparently do accumulate lots of odds and ends I don't need, and then I pack them safely away just in case I ever decide I want to take them out and use them. Of course, if I haven't used them in at least 17 years, it's time to let them go - either to a new home (last Tuesday, I brought about a dozen bags of "stuff" to the Red Bird trailer) or to the trash dump.

But it does make me think about all the "junk" I've accumulated over the years. It makes me reflect on the fact that I never once had to make a choice about whether I needed that silly $2.99 basket enough to worry about how I will pay that bill that is due tomorrow, or what I will have to give up at the grocery store this week.

I suspect most of us are in that same boat. We lose perspective on the dilemmas that many people (if not most people) in the world face on a daily basis. And we forget how very privileged we are.

Sometimes I need to be humbled a little. What about you?

Pastor Janice

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