Pastor's Reflection - 11/8/18

Safety and prevention are always good things. Most of us try, as best we can, to protect ourselves and our loved ones against accidents, illness & other things that could potentially cause us harm.
In fact, after much research, I recently decided to splurge and buy myself the most amazing gadget ever - an Apple Watch - primarily as a safety device lol. Yes, it was far too expensive, but the amazing thing is that this watch is not only a watch - in fact, keeping time is probably the very least of its functions. It also keeps track of your steps, your exercise, and how long you've been standing or sitting. It gives you access to your emails, your text messages, your calendar, the weather, and your alerts. But what it ALSO does is to monitor your heart rate and rhythm (it will even run an EKG if you ask it to) and it will alert you if there is an abnormality. With apps, it will monitor your blood sugar and your blood pressure. It has "breathe" function which reminds you several times a day to stop what you're doing and focus on deep breathing exercises. And, of course, it has an "SOS" function where you can call for police if you run into trouble - in fact, it will detect if you have fallen, and it will ask if you are OK. If you don't click "I'm OK," it will automatically call 911 as well as your designated emergency contacts - AND it is equipped with a GPS so it will send your location to emergency personnel. Can you imagine?!
Well, I apologize if I sound like a commercial for Apple, Inc., but I really do like this device. And the truth is that, in whatever way best suits each of us, we all tend to be very concerned about safety and prevention. We want to stay as healthy as possible - it's one of our priorities.
But it seems to me that many people don't subscribe to that same philosophy when it comes to our spiritual lives, because, after all, we ARE primarily spiritual beings rather than simply physical beings, aren't we? And we really OUGHT to be concerned about the best ways to stay spiritually healthy, right? And it stands to reason that the best way to do that is to spend some daily, scheduled time alone with God - in prayer and devotion. So find some devotional material that resonates with you - start, perhaps, by picking up a copy of The Upper Room in the Narthex, which has daily reflections and Scripture readings. Also find a small Bible study or Christian discussion group - it helps to get other people's perspectives on faith issues and to be in fellowship with other Christians. And commit yourself, of course, to weekly worship - our life together as a church family ALWAYS begins on Sunday mornings when the gathered community worships as one body. It's where we not only connect with God, but God connects with us and then sends us out to be His hands and heart in the world.
Those are some thoughts and suggestions I will leave you with! See you on Sunday!
Many blessings!
Pastor Janice
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