Pastor's Reflection

Pastor's State of the Church Report 2018
Brothers and Sisters in Christ,
It never ceases to amaze me how quickly a year can go by. It's been a busy year and a fruitful year. It's been a year when God has indeed been active in our midst. So I'd like to take a few moments to reflect on what God has been doing here at St. John's, and in the process, I hope to help us look forward to what God will continue to do through us as we walk faithfully with Him.
I'm thankful for the many opportunities God has given us to grow in the ministries that we have throughout our community. I think of the blessing we've been to people in need of prayer through our Drive-Through Prayer Ministry. Many of these people are going through exceedingly difficult experiences, or are in need of guidance, or just a hand to hold onto. We give thanks for the opportunity to meet for Christian conversation at the Richboro Pub each week and for the witness we're able to extend. We're thankful for God's guidance as we strive to be faithful to our call to reach out to the needy. This is the second year St. John's has hosted the large-scale mission event that we refer to as R.I.S.E. Sunday (Rejoice-Involve-Serve-Engage). We also give thanks for the newly-formed Fellowship ministry which is breathing new life into our Adult Ministry program. Bible study and small group participation is growing, our children and youth program is continuing to faithfully reach young people for Christ, and our excellent music program is known throughout the community. And I'm humbled by those who faithfully serve and contribute to the ongoing ministry and life of our congregation.
During this challenging time in the church, we've been blessed with 21 new Professions of Faith this past year, and we've received others by letters of transfer. I'm also happy to report that our average worship attendance has grown slightly in the past year, and I'm pleased that our efforts at community outreach combined with Strategic Planning are bearing fruit despite the challenging cultural climate we've been facing. I'm encouraged to know that St. John's continues to be a vibrant church family that is faithfully bringing the Good News to our community.
I pray that we would all take some time to thank God, thank our staff members, and thank our many lay leaders and servants for the hard work of ministry, and that we would continue to pray for them and to share words of encouragement. My prayer, and the prayer of all of our leaders, is that we would be a church that makes, matures, and multiplies disciples of Jesus Christ.
In Christ,
Rev. Janice A. Puliti
Senior Pastor
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