Pastor's Reflection - 10/19/18

Life is interesting. And more often than not, it seems that we live it, whether by design or by accident, in "segments". Let me explain ...
For several months now, Monday morning staff meetings have been peppered with the statement, "We'll get to that as soon as R.I.S.E. Sunday is over ...." Of course, the planning, the organizing, the prep work and the leg work involved in getting ready for R.I.S.E. Sunday was extensive. So whenever we would begin to think about other initiatives, programs, events & ministries, one or more of us would snap back to reality and make that now famous (at least among the staff) pronouncement ... "...As soon as R.I.S.E. Sunday is over"! After all, our brains could only deal with a finite amount of details at one time.
So this was the week when we could finally look at each other and say, "R.I.S.E. Sunday is over!" It was a great mission event, the clean-up is now complete, the Rise Against Hunger meals, the "little dresses for Africa," the homeless necessity kits, the sandwiches, the lunches, and all of the eating utensil packages we've prepared have all been delivered to their proper destinations. Whew! Time to focus on what's next. And the "what's next" is the Drive-Through Living Nativity. Such an exciting new project! And s-o-o-o-o-o many details; so much planning; so much work on the part of so many people. And when we began discussing a couple of new initiatives, we once again looked at each other and said, almost in unison, " ... as soon as the Living Nativity is over!"
Of course, after that, it will be Christmas, then Lent and Easter. And, of course, we'll be joking about that too.
God has lots of work for all of us to do, whether it's in the church, at home, in the workplace, or in service to the world. And there will never come a time when our work is complete - not until that day when we return home to our Lord. Sometimes it seems overwhelming and sometimes it stresses us out. But God's work is always a gift. And with His help, we are ALWAYS up to the task.
Hope you are having a great week!

Pastor Janice

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