Pastor's Reflection - 9/20/18

There's been a mole living in the parsonage backyard all summer long. He's dug holes in various spots, but his favorite spot is right against the foundation near the back door. On multiple occasions, I've opened the back door to find a mound of dirt at the entranceway. The interesting thing is that I have never once met or even caught a glimpse of Mr. Mole even though I've had ample evidence that he has actually been inside the breezeway many times (there is a doggy door on one of the doors which I often leave open for Obie when I'm home).

And yes, I've filled the holes back in. Over and over again. Our Administrator, Lou, has been kind enough on several occasions to supply some gravel to try to fill in the holes. At one point, the landscaper delivered large decorative stones to place against the foundation in the hopes that our little friend would decide to go dig his holes elsewhere. And this past week, at Lou's suggestion, we've tried filling the holes with steel wool pads (he claims they hate them, but I think not …) and when that didn't work, he put more large stones against the foundation. The answer to the obvious question is NO - I do not want to poison or trap the poor guy. I just want him to go live out in the field somewhere so I'm hoping to graciously encourage him to do just that (stop laughing!).

Well, there's a lesson in all this, don't you think? As annoying and frustrating as it is to deal with, you have to admit that Mr. Mole is extremely persistent. He knows he has a job to do (dig up grubs and earthworms - yuck) and it's virtually impossible to distract him from his task. When he encounters an obstacle, he simply regroups and then starts over in a new spot. He's relentless when it comes to fulfilling his calling in life.

Sometimes I wish I had the same kind of spectacular persistence that I see in that little mole. Occasionally, I'll feel very certain that God has placed a thought in my head. And then, because I didn't jump right on the bandwagon, a little bit of time passes and suddenly the idea that sounded so great last week no longer seems quite so life-changing. And I start wondering if it's worth the time or energy.

Do you also find yourself being less persistent than you would like when it comes to your faith or the call of God on your life? I suspect we all suffer from the same illness. It's called "the human condition." Life gets in the way. We all know how that happens. And we also know that the only way to combat "the human condition" is to persistently seek God - in our job, in our relationships, in our leisure time … persistently seek God in all we do. The Bible calls this "praying without ceasing." It's something that can and will change our lives for the better.

Hope to see you on Sunday!

Pastor Janice

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