Pastor's Reflection - 9/13/18

A news article caught my attention last week. Did you read about the Western North Carolina Bigfoot Festival? Yep ... the town of Marion, North Carolina hosted an event that attracted thousands of people to come together "to bring awareness to the fact that Bigfoot is real and to bring more people to the table to get this mystery solved."

According to the article, it sounds like the Bigfoot Festival was a huge success, and I'm kind of sorry I didn't know about it so I could have planned a road trip to North Carolina - just for the silliness of it!
The article says that there are at least one or two reported sightings per year near the town, and a whole lot of big old footprints out in the woods. At one point during the festival, people gathered for a "townhall" on the courthouse lawn where one Bigfoot believer after another stood up and shared stories of their encounters. "He had yellow eyes and smelled like a dead animal," "a female Bigfoot and her baby dashed into the woods at 30 mph," "I heard a roar - it wasn't a growl and it wasn't a scream ..." In the end, Bigfoot was declared the Hide and Seek World Champion. And then the Mayor made the following pronouncement, "It doesn't matter what your gender is, or what your race is, or what your politics are. To Bigfoot, you all taste the same."
Well, the article was a whole lot longer than that - I'm just reporting the highlights. Interestingly enough, the crowd was estimated to consist of about 50% believers and 50% skeptics. It seems as though even the skeptics couldn't get enough of the Bigfoot stories, memorabilia, artifacts, artwork, Bigfoot calling contests, and lots of barbecue. The excitement was downright contagious!
Well, I don't want to speculate on the legend of Bigfoot except to say that you can count me among the skeptics. But regardless of whether you happen to be a Bigfoot believer or a skeptic, don't you think there is something in this story that parallels OUR lives as believers? We all agree that there are plenty of skeptics out there - people who are skeptical about organized religion in general or skeptical about Christianity in particular. But wouldn't it be great if we could find ways to share the excitement we all have in our hearts about the way Christ has changed our lives??!! Wouldn't it be fantastic if we did that in such a way that the skeptics around us would come in droves just to feed off of our excitement and maybe, in the end, become believers themselves??
Yes, it's a strange world we live in. Thousands of people - 50% believers & 50% skeptics - all coming together for fun, fellowship, and to hear testimony about a local legend named Bigfoot. Seems to me that it should be a simple thing to generate that same kind of enthusiasm around, not a local legend, but an eternal truth. So there's our challenge for today.
Many blessings,
Pastor Janice
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