Pastor's Reflection - 8/12/18

I suppose it's just about time to write my annual lament about how quickly the summer is flying by. It seems that every year I wait and wait for summer to finally arrive and in just the snap of a finger, it's over. Shorts, tee shirts & bathing suits are on clearance. Sweaters, parkas, fur-lined boots, school clothes, and school supplies are all over the store shelves. And experience tells me that it will be a LONG, LONG time until summer rolls around again.
Can you tell I love summer? And can you tell how much I dislike winter?!
My grandson., Jalen, is visiting with me this week. One of the things on our agenda is the annual trip to Target to work on his school supply list. There's just something about a brand new backpack filled with notebooks, folders, loose-leaf paper, pens, pencils, markers, scissors, highlighters, book covers and at least 20 other items on a long list that helps a child get in the right frame of mind to start the school year.
I remember last year's trip to Target. I'm pretty sure that by the time I added in the required calculator and a few other things, the bill was hovering in the $100 range. And in my daughter's family, there are 4 school-aged children. That's quite a bit of money.
This Sunday, at all 3 services, we'll be blessing the gifts of backpacks filled with school supplies that you have provided. And we'll be offering prayer for the children who will receive them as they begin a new school year. And God will be smiling.
We'll be praying and supporting families who struggle each day just to put a roof over their children's heads and to provide the necessary food and clothing. We'll be reminding ourselves that right here in our own backyard, there are families who would never be able afford the necessary supplies their children need in order to be successful at school.
The backpack donations seem like such a small thing, but in reality, these items that have been donated through the generosity of our church family, is a ministry that is able to make the difference between success and failure for a child.
So THANK YOU for giving so generously to needy children in Bucks County.
Pastor Janice
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