Pastor's Reflection - 7-26-18

In this high-tech world, we think of young people as being both tech-savvy and obsessed with their devices, PS 4's, X Boxes & other game systems. Which is true - up to a point.
In preparation for VBS week when I would have 3 grandkids staying with me for a week, I decided to order a few items from Amazon. I didn't know for sure if I was being crazy, but I bought three "blast-from-the-past" board games - games that I played when I was a child. I ordered Monopoly, Clue & Yahtzee.
Well, wonder of wonders ... my old-time board games choices are a big hit. The TV has remained off and the PS4 that came with them is sitting silent. No one is playing with phones or with tablets. And all three kids have been playing one game after another since they arrived. Last night, the four of us spent hours at the kitchen table playing Yahtzee. And right now, as I sit here writing this, there is a lively game of Monopoly going on around me. I'm listening to kids laughing, asking questions, trying to work out their problems, and yes - arguing with one another off and on. So the concept of board games is still alive and well among 9-to-13 year old's - which really DOES warm my heart because it seems to me that any activity that encourages laughter and conversation between kids (and adults too!) is a winner. There just isn't enough of that going on these days, is there? After all, God expects us to be in relationship with one another. So I'm pretty sure that God would put His stamp of approval on the playing of Monopoly, Clue & Yahtzee, I really am.
Pastor Janice
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