Pastor's Reflection - 6/28/18

First thing this morning, a photo popped up on Facebook - it was a memory from one year ago today. Apparently, I had posted a photo of my mom. It was her 90
th birthday surprise party and I had taken a picture of her just as she walked through the door into the restaurant. Her mouth was wide open in shock when she realized what was going on. My sister and I are so, so happy that we planned that party last year.
In theory, we really DO know that our earthly lives do not last forever. On a day to day basis, however, we forget. And so neither my sister nor I (nor anyone else, for that matter!) thought for a minute that June 22, 2017 could be the final birthday we would celebrate with her on this side of eternity. My mom was one of those people who just never seemed to change - she was always there, constant and steady. It was easy to forget that she was ninety years old because she could keep up with all of us - and then some. But just a few months after the party, she unexpectedly suffered a massive stroke and went home to the Lord.
I'm happy for her. My mom lived a good, long life - she enjoyed her family and friends, she lived life to the fullest, stayed faithful to her Lord and Savior, and now she is enjoying life in all of it's fullness. And the bonus is that she and Chris (my son) are back together again.
Seeing that picture pop up on my phone this morning reminded me once again how very precious life is, and how incredibly awesome God's promises are. I'm also reminded that we are ALL called to live our earthly lives to the fullest every day - to enjoy good relationships, to live in awe of God's promises, to love the Lord, and to love and serve one another, being especially mindful of those in need. This life is just temporary - it is not our true home. But we are here for a reason - God has given us the gift of life for us to enjoy, and we are also challenged to make this world a better place.
Have a blessed day!
Pastor Janice

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