Pastor's Reflection - June 14, 2018

About three weeks ago, Fed Ex delivered a package to my house. The problem was that it had an entirely different name and address on it. And the address wasn't even in the same town.
So I immediately contacted Fed Ex and was told they would pick it up the following day.
Let's just say that the package continued to sit next to my front door waiting to be picked up for close to three weeks. And yes, I continued calling and sending messages. Finally, over the weekend, I decided enough was enough. I did an online chat, and I confess I was not real nice. I informed the poor customer service rep that I've now contacted them way too many times and spent far too much time on a problem that isn't even my problem, I simply don't understand how it could possibly take three weeks to come back and get this package, and I will CERTAINLY hesitate to ever use Fed Ex in the future. I suppose I tried to sound as perturbed and aggravated as I possibly could, considering I was typing and not speaking. I wonder if the agent could somehow get a sense of how hard I was pounding those keys on the keyboard lol???!
Well, the next day, I received a phone call from a Fed Ex driver asking me where I'm located because he couldn't find the house. After a minute of trying to figure out where he was, we both realized the problem - the address on the pick-up request was 8816 (instead of 816) Almshouse Road. He apologized profusely for the fact that it took three weeks to figure out the error, and we both laughed about it. And today I'm able to walk out the front door and not trip over the large box that was eternally on my front step, praise the Lord!
Well, an honest mistake is an honest mistake. And I felt rather contrite as I considered the snippy way I typed those words to the customer service agent the other day. I guess it was a good thing I chatted online rather than on the phone!
But, seriously, I'd venture to say that it's up to us, as Christian people, to always extend people the benefit of the doubt, isn't it? It never even occurred to me that a mistake had been made. I automatically assumed Fed Ex had decided to drop the ball - they had delivered the package and washed their hands of it - what a disreputable company!
Anyway, all is well. And I hope that the next time I'm aggravated at someone, I'll take a deep breath and be kinder and gentler as I type my reply.
Have a blessed day!
Pastor Janice
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