Pastor's Reflection - 3/8/18

So how is Lent going for you this year??

You know, preparing our hearts for Holy Week and Easter is a PROCESS. If we do nothing but imagine Lent as an "ordeal," we end up getting very little out of it. But if we use these weeks to anticipate that something wonderful is about to happen … well, that opens a whole new realm of possibilities, doesn't it?

So for the last several weeks of Lent, suppose we try to focus on what God wants to give us. Suppose we cultivate a sense of excitement and anticipation in our hearts. Because focusing too much on ourselves can cause us to miss the gift God wants to give us. Always remember that God's great desire is to bless us. So for the rest of the season of Lent, why don't we place ourselves in a space to receive what God wants to give us?

That "space" could be entirely different for each of us. But some suggestions are to make yourself a "prayer space": place a cross and some candles on a table to help you focus. Perhaps place a candle on your dining table and light it each time you sit down for a meal to remind you of the light of Christ. Perhaps keep a small bowl of water on a table to remind you of your baptismal promises. Or keep a Bible open in a central place in your house to remind you to feast on God's Word.

And even more importantly, be open to God's grace.

Pastor Janice

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