Pastor's Reflection - 3/1/18

I know I'm out of my mind & I know my dogs are spoiled. It started about a year ago when one of them was diagnosed with congestive heart failure. He didn't want to eat, so naturally I started bribing him. It began with rotisserie chickens from Costco. Then it progressed to me learning the fine details of making homemade dog food. Which I've done several times a week for the last year. Which is really kind of funny because I rarely cook for myself, but there I was standing at the stove making doggie chicken stew and other various concoctions (and yes, occasionally deciding I might as well go ahead and join them for dinner!).
Well, I decided that after foot surgery, I most likely wouldn't feel like doing all of that cutting, chopping, and cooking, so I looked into some temporary options. I started out subscribing to a fresh dog food delivery service called The Farmers Dog. After several weeks, one of the dogs started turning his nose up. Back to the drawing board. Now I'm trying out another delivery service called NomNomNow (yes, I'm laughing too). And, oh my goodness, if you don't already know this, there are now a NUMBER of dog food delivery companies. You can read all the reviews online! And all of them deliver fresh human-grade food for your pooch (for a price, of course). I had no idea such a thing existed!
Yes, I have two spoiled dogs. Guilty as charged.
However, I believe the animals we share our lives with are truly gifts from God. Think about it. Somehow, through God's grace, two entirely different species of creatures are able to develop wonderful relationships with one another, despite overwhelming differences. We don't even understand a whole lot about the way their minds work, or what makes them tick. We're simply able to relate to each other - often on a very deep level. We live together in harmony day and night - we take good care of them, and they often instinctively take good care of us.
Sometimes I think about that and it makes me wonder why it is that human beings, despite our similarities and despite the fact that we know exactly what it is that makes every one of us tick, we still can't get along with one another. We allow cultural, racial, national and other boundaries to close us off from other people. There has never, to the best of my knowledge, been a time in human history when there was peace on earth and people felt nothing but "goodwill" toward everyone else. It should be the most natural thing in the world for us live together in harmony. Our pets can teach us an awful lot, can't they?
Pastor Janice

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