Pastor's Reflection - 2/8/18

There is a lesson I wish I would learn, and it has to do with not getting bogged down in details. Even though I should have learned this lesson long ago, I still tend to erroneously believe that if I can just plan ahead, get everything organized, and, of course, think of every possible "kink" that might happen (and have a Plan B & a Plan C, just in case), that life will go smoothly and predictably.
I started stressing at least a week ago about this week's scheduled foot surgery. I wanted to know what TIME I would have to be at the hospital so I could get all my ducks in a row. Of course, when I asked, I was told matter-of-factly, "We'll call you the day before with a time to be at the hospital."
The complicating factor is that the surgery is at Pennsylvania Hospital in Center City. I decided it would be a problem to ask someone to drive me down there if it involves the morning rush hour. So I was considering that perhaps I should take the train, stay overnight at a hotel and figure out how to use Uber in the morning.
Well, the surgery coordinator apparently took pity on me and called me a day early to tell me to be at the hospital at 10 am. Hmmmm ... still the late end of the rush hour commute.
Then I heard about the sleet and snow on Wednesday morning. Okay, well that does it. Nobody will want to drive in that. So Tuesday morning, I made a hotel reservation and paid the non-refundable fee. A little pricey, but I figured it would keep me from expecting anyone to drive on messy roads. Within a couple of minutes, the wonderful person who had planned to bring me to the hospital made it clear that it was NOT a problem, and I should cancel the reservation. (P.S. Big shout out to Loews for cancelling without penalty!)
Then I started stressing about my post-op appointment on Thursday morning at 11:30 am. Yes, I know the parade shouldn't be anywhere NEAR 8th & Spruce, but all that traffic and all those closed streets sounds pretty overwhelming.
Anyway, I'll be glad to get foot #2 over with this week, and I suppose it'll be a little weird walking around in TWO surgical shoes for a few weeks, but life will go on and this too shall pass. So thanks for your prayers!
As far as my struggle with getting bogged down in details, I really wish I hadn't wasted several hours looking up weather forecasts, sifting through available hotel rooms, figuring out what the parade route, looking up train schedules, downloading the Uber app and studying how it all works, and stressing, stressing & stressing some more. But the good news is that God knows my weaknesses and loves me anyway (big shout out to God, too!).
Pastor Janice

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