Pastor's Reflection - 2/1/18

I had to laugh (and I hope you enjoyed it too!) when I received the Conference e-news this week. As I scrolled through the articles, the current sign being displayed at First United Methodist Church in Collingswood, NJ popped up!
Most of you already know that I'm not exactly a football fan. For one thing, I understand almost nothing about the game, and, to be honest, I've never really had any great desire to learn. But be that as it may, I won't deny the excitement in the air as we move toward Super Bowl Sunday. Most years, I just kind of yawn and go about my business, but this year is a little bit different. The excitement has been ramped up a notch, to put it mildly. I won't say I'm praying for an Eagles' win (after all, that would be somewhat sacrilegious, wouldn't it?), but I hope for one!
So I wish everyone a fantastic Super Bowl Sunday! The focus of worship won't be on the game, but it will be on God, from whom all good things come!
Looking forward to Sunday!
Pastor Janice

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