Pastor's Reflection - 1/28/18

When I was young, I used to roll my eyes and chuckle whenever my parents, my grandparents, or other adults would start reminiscing about life in "the good ole days." They'd start talking the fact that a loaf of bread used to cost 5 cents, or that the right way to make coffee is with a percolator on the stove ... you know the stories. So when I started doing it myself, I really began to get worried. I suppose it's something you just can't help; it seems to happen automatically, maybe even against one's own will!
So I almost laughed at myself yesterday when I started lamenting the sheer number of choices we have these days. For one thing, back in "the day," we had just three TV channels. Today, I have no idea how many are on my Fios guide - hundreds, I'm sure. (And P.S., most of the time, I still claim there is nothing to watch!) When I went to a diner last week, it seemed that the menu was longer than ever - and then there were all the additional "specials". It makes it ultra difficult to make a choice, doesn't it? And it's like that with everything it seems. On the one hand, I claim I WANT lots of choices. On the other hand, the more choices I have, the harder it is to make one.
Last night, I decided I'd indulge myself - I'm limping around a little because of foot surgery, so rather than go to the grocery store, I decided I'd have groceries delivered. Yep ... the epitome of laziness lol! Well, maybe it was because I was "browsing aisles" online rather than in person, but the vast number of choices of every single item looked overwhelming as I scrolled through my computer screen. There must have been at least a zillion different choices of milk, yogurt, lettuce, bread ... well, everything! And I know for a fact that it took me a whole lot longer to grocery shop online that it would have to get in the car and physically go to the store! I of course, I pretty much felt obligated to open up and read all of the product information to check out all of the choices on the screen.
At around 10 pm last night, I received an email stating that if I forgot anything, I had until 11:59 pm to add it to my order. YIKES! Of course, I simply HAD to go back and review my order. Oh, right - I probably should add a cucumber and a jar of pickles. Oh, and maybe some almonds. I think it was 11:53 when I finally pressed the "complete order" button. So now all I have to do is wait for the text to arrive between 5-7 p.m. today stating that my delivery is next.
Well, the bottom line is that yes, things have changed a whole lot over the years. And things will CONTINUE to change a whole lot in the years to come. And I'm sure the choices we will have will become even greater - sometimes making life easier and better, sometimes more complicated and more difficult. But change WILL happen. Because God's world is not a static place - He's given men and women the wisdom to learn new things and to grow and change. Sometimes change is hard for us to embrace, and sometimes we try to glorify life in the "good ole days." But life goes on, and it's good.
Pastor Janice
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