Pastor's Reflection - 1/18/18

I was so surprised a couple of weeks ago. I was watching Good Morning America and their special guest for the morning was a young Christian gospel artist named Tasha Cobbs. She was preparing to sing one of her newer songs, it was called "Getting Ready." The amazing and surprising thing was that I was watching a network (6abc) television show and when they asked her to tell a little about the song she was about to sing, she said (and I may not have the quote exactly right), "What I'm doing with this song is introducing God to people who need God. I want them to know that when they're going through even the worst times, they can know that God is there and they can look forward to seeing and experiencing something they've never seen or experienced before, because that's what God is like."
The song was wonderful - she did an excellent job and is very talented. You could tell that she and her accompanists were singing from their hearts - they were true believers. But the most remarkable thing for me was seeing her being asked to, essentially, give her own personal testimony through both words and lyrics, to the grace and goodness of God on a network TV show. Intentionally. It was almost a shocking thing to see in this day and age. I sat back and marveled! Good for GMA!
I love it when I hear (and especially when I SEE) people unashamedly give witness to their faith publicly. It's a rare thing these days. But it's the only way to make any kind of impact at all in our very secular society, isn't it? The only way people can hear and see God's presence and God's grace is through our stories and our testimonies - not given in that infamous "holier than thou" stance, but given in love and in sincerity - in the right place and at the right time.
I sincerely hope that Tasha Cobbs touched a few hearts that morning and caused a few people to give God more than a passing thought. I hope she lit a fire in a few hearts. And I hope all of us are looking for ways to share OUR faith and our confidence in a loving, compassionate God. Our stories ALSO have the power to touch hearts and to light fires.
Pastor Janice
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