Pastor's Reflection - 1/11/18

It was a rather strange ending of 2017 and beginning of 2018 this year. I had planned to be basking in the sun and the 80+ degree WARMTH on a Caribbean cruise with two of my friends over the New Year's holiday. However, at the very last minute, despite the fact that I had already checked in online for the flight to Florida, I already had stacks of short-sleeved tee-shirts, crop pants and sandals lined up and ready to be packed, and I had even attached the Holland America Westerdam luggage tags to my luggage, it simply was not meant to be. I ended up having to make a unexpected trip to the ER with what I hoped was a minor ailment (which, in the end, it was ...), but it unfortunately won me admission to the hospital for a few days, and the ER doctor said, very definitely "you don't want to be on a cruise ship in the middle of nowhere right now ...".
I told my friends to go ahead without me, but they decided we should all rebook for a later date. The blessing is that we all had trip cancellation insurance, and we are now booked on a cruise in late April.
Sometimes things just don't go as planned, do they? And I have to admit that most of last week, all I did was look outside at the snow and ice and lament the fact that I was not on that cruise! But, you know, it turned out that I was suffering all week with a nasty cold and cough and probably wouldn't have felt so great on that cruise. And then I heard that, due to the weather, flights out of Florida to the Northeast were being cancelled the day we were supposed to return home. So maybe Someone was looking out for us after all!
I'd venture to say that almost every time in my life when something didn't go the way I expected it to go, I've been able to look back later and realize that it really was for the best, because it turned out that there was a better plan I had not thought of, or there was evidence that the thing I really wanted would not have been in my best interest after all. Someone really DOES look out for us, in big ways AND in small ways, even though we hardly ever recognize it. What an amazing God we have!
Pastor Janice

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