Pastor's Reflection 12/15/16

As though I had nothing better to do during the last couple of weeks before Christmas! It was the middle of last week when I received a sudden pop-up notification that I was out of storage on my iPhone. What??!! Well, lo and behold - almost 3 GB's in old emails?! How is that even possible? Even more shocking was that I apparently had over 26,000 saved emails and attachments. Now, I know I don't delete old messages as frequently as I should, but it hasn't been THAT long, has it? At any rate, I now had a problem.

For whatever reason, there is no longer an option to "delete all" and yes, I did an extensive online search and tried every possible method of getting rid of all this junk. Nothing worked. I even cleared my laptop inbox (a mere 12,000 old messages) hoping it would sync with my phone. No such luck. So I started painstakingly deleting 26,000 emails one-by-one. I figured if I could delete a couple thousand per day, I'd get the job done in a couple of weeks. So for the last 4-5 days, I was on a mission. Whenever I had a few minutes of free time, I'd just sit there hitting the delete button over & over & over. Awful.

Unfortunately, even after many thousand deletions, I wasn't gaining any ground and I still had no storage left.

So finally I gave in and contacted Apple Support. It took almost an hour to figure it out (something about a POP server on multiple devices) but eventually my whole email account had to be deleted and then set up again. Even the Apple Tech. Support representative cheered when the job was done.

So now that I wasted so much time on nonsense, I realize Christmas is closer than ever and I have a lot to do to be ready. Not only do I have shopping to do and worship/sermon prep to do, but I'm not nearly ready spiritually, are you? I know I have to divest myself of the frantic business of the season. For me, that means making a list (which I'm sure I will check twice lol!), and then finding the quietness in my heart to begin appreciating the awesomeness of Christ becoming one of us.

I hope you too can manage to divest yourself of some of the frantic nonsense you are dealing with this week and, instead, open your heart to Christ.

Pastor Janice

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