Pastor's Reflection

Carol and Hank, my sister and brother-in-law, own a camper at a resort in Maryland located on the Elk River as it opens onto the Chesapeake Bay. They went down last Wednesday after work for the long holiday weekend, and I was planning to take a day trip, probably on Monday. They asked me Wednesday evening if I wanted to switch gears due to the not-so-great weather forecast & come down Thursday & Friday instead.

Well, it made sense. So I quickly rescheduled a few things. I decided I might as well take advantage of the good weather and then stay home and work on Monday.

It turned out that Thursday and Friday were the kinds of days you wait for all year. Lots of sunshine, not a lot of humidity, warm but not scorching. The perfect days to enjoy their pontoon boat.

The first day, we took a long trip down the Sassafras River. The shoreline was magnificent from the water. The next day, we traveled all the way down the Northeast River.

Every year (usually in early June), I've taken a 3-day retreat to work on sermon and worship planning for the following year. I normally make reservations at a Christian retreat center called Sandy Cove which is located on the Northeast River near the mouth of the Chesapeake. In fact, I have a reservation at Sandy Cove for the beginning of next week.

As we passed by Sandy Cove, I could see people sitting on the Adirondack chairs on the lawn overlooking the water, just as I often do first thing in the morning or later in the evening. Just as they were enjoying the quiet peace and serenity of God's gift of nature as they watched boats passing by on the water, I too was enjoying the peace and serenity of watching them from the water. I couldn't help thinking about the way that we were both blessing one another as we crossed paths.

And now I'm looking forward to sitting in that same spot next week.

God always has interesting insights to share with us. I hope you, too, will take some time to enjoy them!

Pastor Janice

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